"The mySIMIO IoT solution makes it easy to deploy and monitor your SIM cards in your machines and devices globally. The solution gives you the necessary tools to optimize your operation, troubleshoot quickly, and significantly minimize downtime in your production"

What we do

We offer a IoT Connectivity Management Solution that helps optimize operatons and reduce production downtime

How we do it

We help customers with an easy to deploy and easy to monitor IoT Connectivity Management Solution globally

Why we do it

We have a strong passion for IoT and for simplifying IoT Connectivity Management for our existing and future customers


SIMIO was founded as a telco startup in 2015 with the originally company name Airgate. The initial business idea was to make M2M/IoT easy, developing and integrating a cloud-based administration platform mySIMIO for simple deployments and self-management of SIM card portfolios and still is.

The idea for SIMIO arose after many years of employment in the Teleco industry . Today SIMIO still helps our customers with a state of the art IoT Connectivity Management Solution together with Vodafone. Making global SIM card deployments easy with a simple but effective overview of the portfolio possible.